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AFFORDABLE! $750 for a TESOL Certificate which is recognised worldwide.

FLEXIBLE! Attend our virtual classroom from anywhere in the World.

Attend live sessions with one of our trainers via webcam and interact with other virtual classmates. We offer live input sessions led by experienced trainers in a virtual classroom where you will be able to interact with both your trainer and other trainees, as well as participate in group activities and discussions.

Why take this Course?

The Virtual TESOL Certificate course combines live sessions with home study and online teaching resources. TEFL international brings you an internationally recognized course that allows trainees to get the opportunity to earn a TESOL certificate while studying, re-training, teaching or travelling.

  • Live sessions with one of our trainers
  • Meets or exceeds International Standards
  • Externally moderated
  • Internationally Recognized
  • Affordable
  • Flexible

Course schedule: Virtual TESOL Course

Below you will find a schedule of class times and a monthly content schedule. You have to attend all of the 16 sessions over the course of two months. If you miss one session, you can join the session the next month. We encourage trainees to attend the meetings in a sequential fashion. There are 16 live sessions and a series of self-access assignments. There will be a monthly introductory session in which all the self access assignments will be explained. The schedule is repeated on a monthly basis.


(Live Session Screenshot)

Class Times

Class sessions take place at the times shown below. Five different time zones have been shown. If you are in a different time zone please use the world clock at
. Classes cannot be scheduled outside these times.


The weekly schedules are planned according to their relevance to the assignments, lesson model demonstrations and interrelated topics.

Weekly Schedule of Sessions


The self access assignments are all discussed in the course introduction session and the documents needed to fulfill these assignments or observations can be found online. The links will be made available during the first session.

Self-access Assignments


Teaching practice:

Teaching practice can be conducted in one of two ways.

Option One
- Observed teaching practice at one of six TEFL International course centres
Attend either our Ban Phe (Thailand), Shanghai (China), Zhuhai (China), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Kathmandu (Nepal) or Buenos Aires (Argentina) centres.

- Please note that costs for accommodation, food, travel and any additional expenses are not covered within the course fee

Option Two
- Self-videoed teaching practice
Submit videoed recordings of your lessons for assessment. This option is particularly suitable for people already working as English Teachers who wish to gain international certification.
- Please note that postage costs are not covered within the course fee

Live sessions with one of our trainers
  • More than 24 hrs of live sessions
  • Attend our virtual classroom
  • Interact with other virtual classmates
  • Participate in group exercises and discussions
  • Ask your trainer questions while studying

    Meets or exceeds International TEFL Standards

    • A full 120+ hour TEFL/ TESOL Certificate Course
    • Six hours of Observed Teaching Practice: Can be completed via video, webcam, submitted DVD or through an organized internship at one of our worldwide TEFL international centers for an extra fee
    Internationally Recognized

    • TEFL Virtual Course Schedule

    • 01 Mar - 26 Mar 2010
    • 05 April - 30 April 2010
    • 03 May - 28 May 2010
    • 07 June - 02 July 2010
    • 05 July - 30 July 2010
    • 02 Aug - 27 Aug 2010
    • 06 Sept - 01 Oct 2010
    • 04 Oct - 29 Oct 2010
    • 01 Nov - 26 Nov 2010
    • 29 Nov - 24 Dec 2010


    • US $750 / £485

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