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TEFL TESOL Course Twin Centres

Teach English Abroad Taking a Twin Centre Course is an ideal way to start your English Teaching career and a popular option if you know where you want to teach and keen to find work as soon as you complete your course.

With a Twin Centre course you start your studies at our UK Plymouth Centre. After you have completed your first 2 weeks of training you then transfer to one of our other Twin Centres where you complete your Teacher Training and Practical Teaching experience with local students.

As you finish your course in the country you want to work in, you are in an ideal position to immediately start looking for work. It also means that you have the support and advice of our staff at the centre who have extensive local knowledge and will help you find work as well as settle into living in a new country. You will also make friends on the course and have a network of people to socialise with once you have completed your course.

TEFL International has Twin Centres in the following locations:  Ban Phe   France   Sevilla    Vietnam   Costa Rica    Zhu Hai

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Schedules for Twin Centre Courses

Plymouth, UK with Ban Phe, Thailand
Plymouth Ban Phe
08 Aug - 19 Aug 19 Sept - 07 Oct 2005
05 Sept - 16 Sep 19 Sept - 07 Oct 2005
05 Sept - 16 Sep 24 Oct - 11 Nov 2005
17 Oct - 28 Oct 28 Nov - 16 Dec 2005
Plymouth, UK with Mauzac, France
Plymouth Mauzac
08 Aug - 19 Aug 05 Sep - 16 Sep, 2005
05 Sep - 16 Sep 10 Oct - 21 Oct, 2005
17 Oct - 28 Oct 14 Nov - 25 Nov, 2005
Plymouth, UK with Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Plymouth Ho Chi Minh City
08 Aug - 19 Aug 19 Sep - 30 Sep 2005
05 Sept - 16 Sep 19 Sep - 30 Sep 2005
17 Oct - 28 Oct 28 Nov - 09 Dec 2005

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