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TEFL TESOL Course Republic of Ireland - Limerick

The City of Limerick dates to Viking times (812 CE). Luimneach originally referred to the general area along the banks of the Shannon Estuary known as Loch Luimnigh.

Limerick City is one of the country's main tourist destinations, only a 15-minute drive from Shannon Airport. Currently tourism is growing at a spectacular rate and the city is the first to provide visitors with 'Street Ambassadors', people designated to help others around and make their stay more enjoyable. The city centre is divided between the traditional areas of "English Town" on the southern end of King's Island, which includes the castle; "Irish Town", which includes the older streets on the south bank; and the current economic centre, called "Newtown Pery".


limerick tefl international centre, ireland tesol

TEFL International TESOL Certificate courses are held at Limerick College of Business Studies a third level college which has developed a unique approach to financial education and has a global reputation for excellence. The school is located in the heart of the city and has an atmosphere that you will love.

The college is accredited to deliver English language courses by ACELS (Advisory Council for English Language Schools). International students attending LCBS programmes can improve general, business, financial and legal English.



  • Because English is the Mother Tongue of Ireland.
  • To discover a city with a rich history.
  • Take advantage of your free time to explore the beautiful west coast of Ireland.
  • To sample traditional Irish food and music in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
  • To meet people from all over the world.
  • To study in a warm and friendly family atmosphere.
  • Your fellow students come from different countries and backgrounds.
  • Your teacher trainers are some of the most experienced and well-trained in the industry.
  • Your support staff is extremely helpful, courteous and will assist you with whatever you need.


    • An internationally recognised TESOL/TEFL qualification meeting or exceeding industry standards
    • Course administered by highly trained staff with extensive local knowledge
    • Organized classes and a curriculum that has been proven successful and effective
    • Low student to teacher ratio


    • This course is ideal for Gapyear students and people wanting a change of life or moving abroad
    • Your fellow students come from different countries and various continents
    • Your teacher trainers are some of the most experienced and well-trained in the industry
    • Your support staff will assist you with whatever you need
    • The locals are friendly, helpful and charming people who like spending time with foreigners



    Accommodation, be it private rented accommodation or hotel rooms, is readily available in the city centre, within walking distance of the College. Please see the LCBS Frequently asked questions for further information on local accommodation prices. The administration staff at LCBS will be glad to assist you in arranging suitable accommodation. The transportation system in Limerick is efficient and takes you to the city centre and the TEFL training centre quickly, no matter where you stay.



    Limerick has a mild climate, with the average daily maximum in July of 20°C (68°F) and the average daily minimum in January of 4°C (39°F). The highest temperature recorded was 31.6°C (88.9°F) in 1995, and the lowest -11.2°C (11.4°F) in 1998.



  • Limerick Course Schedule

    • 15 Nov - 10 Dec 2010
    • 17 Jan - 11 Feb 2011
    • 21 Feb - 18 Mar 2011
    • 28 Mar - 22 Apr 2011
    • 9 May - 4 Jun 2011
    • 13 Jun - 8 Jul 2011
    • 18 Jul - 12 Aug 2011
    • 22 Aug - 16 Sept 2011
    • 26 Sept - 21 Oct2011
    • 7 Nov - 2 Dec 2011

    Course fees

  • $500 + €1000, comprising:
  • Deposit: US$ 500 (£315)
  • Balance of course fees: €1,000 (£870)
  • Shared accommodation: €275 (£239) and up
  • Single accommodation: €400 (£348) and up

    Special offer for 15 Nov 2010 course:
  • 100 euro discount from balance of course fees: 900 euros (£783)


    Limerick College of Business Studies is recognised by the Department of Education and Science for the teaching of English as a Foreign Language

    How to Apply

    Fill out an application form and take that next step towards learning in the charming city of Limerick.


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