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TEFL TESOL Course South Korea - Seoul

This course is for everyone. Many Asian countries legally require English language teachers to be certified, as may Korea in the near future. In the past, many English teachers have been hired because they are native-speakers and university graduates. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they have developed the skills and tools to manage, and enjoy, the classroom setting. Non-native teachers may be looking for direction and information on techniques and methods successful in other countries.

Teachers who have been teaching for more than a year in Korea may have systems and methods in place to get through their job, but want a “booster” on how to add more variety to their classes, make them more exciting and help them reach lesson objectives better. Are you seeing yourself in one of these situations? Well, TI TESOL Korea and TEFL International now have the solution for you!! As a teacher, this is an investment you can’t afford to miss! As a language teacher, this is an investment that will improve your day, your time abroad, your career, your future!

TI TESOL Korea is a successful educational endevour of Vabien Education Corp in Seoul, South Korea. Vabien Education is a subsidiary business of Vabien SR Corp, which operates residential and commercial property management, as well as fine-dining establishments. Vabien Education Corp does a variety of education endeavors such as: teacher training (TI TESOL Korea) in partnership with TEFL International; Hakwon Franchising (American Language Schools); and online English teaching (NativeLive) to public schools with “English only” classrooms.

The TEFL International TESOL Certificate course in Seoul is equal to the TEFL International world-recognized program found at other TEFL International centers. Internationally accepted and recognized by governments and teaching organizations worldwide, the TEFL International TESOL Certificate course is 120 hours with guided teaching practice, observed demonstrations and access to on-line videos recorded by industry experts solely for TEFL International.

The Seoul program is currently offered as a 6-8 week part-time course to cater to current teachers’ work schedules.

The South Korea TEFL International course also includes:

  • Tactical guidance in modern comprehensive and communicative approaches that work best with Korean learners, as well as historical teaching methods. Methods include live demonstrations and specific training in the world famous and successful TEFL International teaching methodology.
  • Key tips on how to generate more energy with Asian learners, build rapport and relationships with them, as well as handle difficult situations like multi-level and large-size classes.
  • There is a focus on teaching young learners and teens on this course, but also instruction on: developing yourself as a business English teacher; selling yourself and finding better educational jobs; and professional development beyond the course.
  • Many resource-based workshops including using video, the Internet, visuals, course books and authentic materials and how to use these materials to present language to Korean students and use them to reach multi-skill and multi-linguistic objectives.



Seoul Course Schedule

TESOL Certificate On-site Weekend Course

  • Dates:    Saturday Oct. 23rd – Dec. 11th, 2010
  • Saturdays and Sundays from 13.00 to 18.00
  • TESOL Certificate On-site Evening Course

  • Dates:    Oct. 25th – Dec. 13th, 2010
  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays from 18.30 to 21.30

    How to Apply

    Fill out an application form and take that next step towards learning within a unique Asian culture.


    Course Costs

    Total Course Fee: 2.48 million won/$2180

    Non-refundable deposit payment of 500,000 won ($500 US$). Second payment of 1 million won on or before course start date.($1,000 US$). Final payment of 980,000 won before week 5 of course. (Remaining US$)

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    Location Map

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    Our school is located in the Vabien3 Building (9F), which is next to Seodaemun subway station, and only a 10-minute walk from City Hall Station, Seoul Station and Dongnimmum Station.

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