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TEFL TESOL Course Cyprus - Limassol

New TESOL Course Location Opening in February 2009
TEFL TESOL Course Limassol, Cyprus

Cyprus, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, is situated in the north-eastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia.

Significant historical personalities such as Alexander the Great and Cleopatra have connected their names with Cyprus. Aphrodite, the beauty and love Goddess, was born in Cyprus, and her name identifies with that of the Island (Kyprida). ΚΥΠΡΟΣ.

Lemesos (Limassol) is the second largest city of the island of Cyprus, situated between two ancient city kingdoms: Amathus to the East and Kourion to the West. With a population of less than 150.000 people, Lemesos is an ideal location for your TEFL course.

The city was greatly developed under the rule of Richard the Lionheart, after the destruction of Amathus in 1191. Many important antiquities, remnants of the Byzantine and Frankish eras, are found in the city of Lemesos, evidence of the city’s long history. Today Lemesos is the main port of the island, the centre of Cyprus’s wine industry, and a major tourist resort.

The city is also known for its lively Carnival Celebrations, the annual Wine Festival and the traditional and spontaneous hospitality of its inhabitants.

In the nearby mountainous regions within the district of Lemesos, one can visit picturesque wine producing villages, the cosmopolitan mountain resort of Platres, and the beautiful region of Pitsillia.

Besides the long list of historical landmarks and popular tourist sites including The Limassol Medieval Castle, The Kolossi Castle, The Carob Museum, Folk Art Museum, The Great Mosque, Sculpture Park, galleries, archaeological sites, and many others, Lemasos boasts of its beautiful, clean, sandy beaches which stretch along the long coast of Liamssol for more than 60km!

For the night-life lovers, Lemesos has also much to offer at the beck and call of every purse from local taverns, pubs, discos, theatres, cinemas, dance halls, cabarets, international and local cuisine, fish restaurants and many other social and cultural venues.

Getting Around Town

There are local buses that run all over the island that are very inexpensive. Metered taxis are also available. You can also hire a moped, scooter, or a bicycle if you wish.


  • English is a second language.
  • Many amazing cultural sites, along with many wondrous natural beauties, including Akamas.
  • The beauty of Cyprus makes it an unforgettable ideal location for creative writing and relaxing.
  • New destination, new experience, new culture, not to mention one of the safest parts of the world.
  • Other Optional Activities
    Go skiing and skating in the winter and swimming in the summer, enjoying the Cyprus sun and sand.
    Visit casinos, enjoy local fish taverns, mix with genuine villagers, and enjoy a Catamaran fishing trip. Participate in a Jeep Safari and enjoy long peaceful walks along the beach.
    Go on a trip to the Holy Land, Egypt, Turkey, Greek Islands-all of which are in relatively close proximity to Cyprus

Limassol Climate

The climate is very mild and it is one of the few parts of the world where one can see and experience all four seasons. Apart from being the Pearl of The Mediterranean, Cyprus is rightly claimed to be The Island of Saints as its climate has been favored by almost all the Saints of Christianity.


All accommodation is in the vicinity of the school; and should you wish, you can easily access public transportation to get to other places.

There are three options for accommodation here in Limassol/Lemesos. They are all single rooms, but you are welcome to share should you wish to do so.

Firstly, there are some rooms on the upper floors of the school, and in a house about 100 meters away. These rooms are conveniently located, with suite-shared bathrooms, and all have fans, without air-conditioning. These rooms are the ‘standard’ accommodation, and are 150 Euros/month. The rooms are available from the Wednesday before the start of the course to the Monday following completion of the course. Please note that rooms in the standard accommodation are limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

We also use a small hostel about a 15-minute walk from the school. The cost of a room here is around 500 Euros for a full month.

If you want to upgrade further, there is the additional option to take a room at a hotel about a 5 minute walk from the school. This is a room in an international three-star hotel, (double) with facilities of a four-star hotel, including a balcony, TV, air-conditioning, telephone, internet, safe, and refrigerator. The cost of this is around 1400 Euros for a full month.

Airport Transfer

Airport collections (between 8:00 am to 6:30 pm) and accommodation are available from the Wednesday before the start of the course. Late arrivals need to make their way to the accommodation on their own by bus or taxi.

Please be assured that any special requests or requirements regarding accommodation will be taken into consideration, and TEFL International will make every effort to honour such requests.

About the school

Our school Plato Institute in Lemesos is registered with the Cyprus Ministry of Education and satisfies all the necessary licenses to operate as a private educational institute in Cyprus. Plato is also authorized by the British Council, the OCR, the CEA , and the ICM in UK to offer educational programmes in a variety of disciplines. Plato also offers special English language summer programmes with accommodation, combining learning and leisure with a rich blend of colorful activities.

Plato’s premises are well maintained, modern, and fully equipped (1 language room,1 computer room, library, auditorium, reception lounge, and a self-service snack bar), allowing for a premiere learning experience. The school is air-conditioned during the warm season. Our staff of qualified, experienced teachers will be at your side during your training process. Friendly, professional administrative assistants are waiting to support you for a comfortable stay.

Join TEFL Course Limassol, Cyprus and start Teaching English in Limassol, Cyprus.

So why wait, get TEFL Course Limassol, Cyprus and start to Teach English Now.

Local circumstances and extras may change without notice.
For information about all TEFL International's new course locations contact: admin@teflinternational.org.uk



How To Get There

Cyprus can be reached either by plane or boat. There are two airports and two ports in Cyprus.

Lemesos is only a 45-minute ride from Larnaca and Pafos Airports. There is regular bus service as well as taxi service from the airports to Lemesos.
Plato Institute can organise a transfer if required.






Click for large map of Cyprus (pdf)

TEFL Course Schedule in Limassol Cyprus

  • 08 Feb - 7 Mar 2009
  • 14 Mar - 11 Apr 2009
  • 06 Apr - 01 May 2009 (US$ 200 discount)
  • 04 May - 29 May 2009
  • 23 May - 20 Jun 2009
  • 27 Jun- 25 Jul 2009
  • 03 Aug - 28 Aug 2009
  • 07 Sept - 02 Oct 2009
  • 12 Oct - 06 Nov 2009
  • 02 Nov- 27 Nov 2009
  • 09 Nov- 04 Dec 2009


  • Euro 1800 course fee (tuition, course materials, certification, and moderation fees.
  • Accommodation from Euro150 (subject to availability), and the premium accommodation 45 Euros per night.


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