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Volunteer Positions

Great Volunteer Positions (minimal or no costs or fees attached for these positions ) some wonderful and very meaningful volunteer opportunities and urgent needs. We list them because TEFL International so strongly believes in the importance of volunteering in our world where so many people are struggling just to survive.

Urgent Positions

Arabic Cultural Immersion Project

Immerse yourself in the historic culture of the Middle East in the beautiful city of Alexandria, Egypt. Through the Arabic Cultural Immersion Project, Cultural Extremes offers you a unique opportunity to teach English and learn Arabic while learning about the rich and complex culture of the Middle East.

The 10 week program includes:

  • 4 week TEFL International TESOL course in Alexandria, Egypt
  • 90 hours of Arabic language lessons
  • Cultural Immersion Activities
  • 6 week teaching internship with TEFL International
  • Accommodation
  • Internationally-recognized TEFL certificate

Cultural Extremes was created from the desire to offer affordable intercultural experiences and volunteer abroad projects to people who want to change the way they're living and see the world in a new way. Their placements give participants opportunities to deepen their awareness of other cultures and contribute to the quality of life in other communities.



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