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either face to face or online (no propriety software needed). Yep, that's right - social media like skype and facebook work fine as a virtual social platform for you to deliver powerful enabling knowledge and practice to a indeniably large number of people globally who are seeking to improve their communicative competence in English for work or pleasure.

So, whether you are TEFL/TESOL trained or not, this could be your off the peg system to build a professional English coaching enterprise. The beauty of these courses is that you do not need a conventional classroom deliver. Where, when and how often to suit yourself.

The world's first social media English course that can take a learner from beginner to intermediate in just 18 hours.

These materials are available to TEFL teachers all over the world so that you can set up teaching EOT for $189. Optional training can also be arranged via Skype for reasonable supplemental cost.

You can learn the fundamentals, tools, tricks and network for students through EOT Members. Yes, EOT will help you to market your services effectively.


EOT is also the first English course designed to work with Facebook and Skype?

You can go to work on the otherside of the world whilst carrying on a life in the place of your choice.

Check out the offer by visiitng the store today just click on the relevant link below.


English Out There One to One ebooks ENGLISH OUT THERE

English Out There Self Study ebooks EOT Self-study ebooks

English Out There Teacher Delivered (group) ebooks English Out There Teacher Delivered (group) ebooks



Can I teach? I am untrained and inexperienced.

Well, there is much more to teaching English than just being able to speak the language, which is why it's essential for English Language Tutors to be well prepared and EOT Materials give you essential tools to coach non-native speakers of English (EFL and ESOL).

I did a TESOL Course 10 years sgo and want to get a job.

Well, things do keep changing in ELT but with EOT you could start gently with some private teaching either online or face to face. People want to practice their communication skills with effective teachers who can adapt up to date lively materials to their needs. Often informally.


Need more convincing about the efficacy of EOT? Then please read on.

Here are some of the reviews we have been getting lately.

For Want of a Better Word -  “A visual, verbal, and intellectual delight" - Steven Pinker, Professor, Harvard University. Join our news list and DOWNLOAD this amazing ebook for FREE. SHARE IT with online English speakers you want to practise your English with.

Read what STEPHEN KRASHEN thinks about our English course - listen to before and after audio and video clips that prove our course works like no other -

"Remarkable. If we had more description of just what lessons Jane did & other exposure to English, and her own view of what caused the improvement, this would be a major contribution to our knowledge about what works. Thanks for posting this."
Professor Stephen Krashen, world famous ESL teaching and learning expert (2010)

English Out There Courses for Teachers

Supported by the latest language acquisition research our English courses help teachers to teach. Enabling them to guide and support students through using new language in a structured and focused way prior to and during natural social interaction.

By using new knowledge instantly, language is linked to a place, people, faces, sounds, smells and feelings, and becomes part of a memorable and highly individual social experience.

Learners are able to recall and reproduce the language again in the future. They get a buzz from making themselves understood, and each session introduces them to new language not in the materials but relevant to the whole experience.

Watch the EOT 3 Easy Steps Video:


Detailed Description

English Out There One to One (OO) and group Teacher Delivered (TD) courses are a set of modern English courses incorporating social interaction with fluent and native English speakers.

The courses are designed to give students opportunities for real practice of pre-taught target language— online (in non-English speaking countries) and in the real world (in English-speaking countries) with fluent or native English speakers.

The easy-to-teach lesson plans and worksheets guide learners through a process of noticing, teaching, drilling, manipulating, forming questions, and getting comfortable and confident enough to speak to someone using the target language naturally in a personalised and very memorable way.

The materials inspire students, boost their confidence, and maintain their motivation levels.

English Out There lessons carefully prepare students before they go online to speak to their practice partners using the language they have learned.

Become an English Out There ebook partner now and make extra money $$$$.

Sell our ebook courses from your own website, blog or social media profile. It's easy to join and get going.

Tell your friends and colleagues about the world's first social media English course that can take a learner from beginner to intermediate in just 18 hours. We pay 25% commission on the first of each month via Paypal.


Of course completing a Teacher Training course before looking for your first job will help you discover if TEFL is really for you. It will also allow you to start your teaching career with the confidence that you are giving your students the best you can.

TEFL International is a leading provider of English Language Teacher Training programmes. With 28 centres world wide, running a full suite of courses year round, there is sure to be a course that will meet your needs in a place you want to visit.

So, if you are a gap year student, wanting a change of life or moving abroad, TEFL International will give you the passport to a world of experience!




These materials do work and will enable you to start your own English language teaching business in the guaranteed knowledge that EOT digital course material has been fully tested and proven to work.

As we all know, there is no easy one size fits all method to learning English. However, English Out There courses have been designed to be fully brain friendly and straightfoward to deliver.

The business is mobile, requires no premises, has very low overheads, and can fit entirely around other commitments.

EOT Teachers succesfully deliver courses from Amsterdam to Zanzibar.

We can guide you through the process of getting online teaching NOW!








English Out There courses now featuring on the EU website.


"There is a growing market for online language teaching and learning. Do a Google search for online materials and you’ll find a motley collection of grammar overviews, games and ideas. What online teachers, myself included, are looking for are easy to access, easy to use, informative and well structured worksheets. Languages Out There has provided this".

Review, on TEFL.net (June 2009) Read the full review click here


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