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Company History

Jan 1998

TEFL International is established as a Trinity TESOL Certificate course.

Jan 2000

After quickly becoming one of the largest and most successful Trinity courses in the world, TEFL International, one of the founding members of IATQUO, becomes independent.

Dec 2000

University of Washington becomes the first US university to grant credit to matriculated student for completion of the TEFL International course.

May 2001

TEFL International opens a centre offering TESOL Certificate courses in Zhuhai, PRC, in cooperation with the Gateway Language Village.

Nov 2001

Ban Phe course doubles its capacity to allow as many as 32 students to study in two simultaneous courses.

Feb 2002

Via Lingua Phuket changed its affiliation and became a TEFL International course.

Mar 2002

TEFL International begins preparations to open three courses in the summer of 2002.

Jul 2002

Seville, Spain and Rome, Italy are added to TEFL International's ever growing list of course locations.

Aug 2002

TEFL International opens its English Camp in Ban Phe www.campinternational.com.

Mar-Aug 2003

The Office of Primary Education, Ministry of Education, Thailand hires TEFL International to train 1,000 Primary Teachers in English Teaching Methodology.

Jul 2003

TEFL International opens Rennes, France centre.

Aug 2003

TEFL International opens Alexandria, Egypt centre.

TEFL International opens centre in Seoul, South Korea.

Sep 2003

TEFL International partners with Burapha University to offer an M.Ed in TESOL.

Feb 2004

TEFL International opens its first ESL school in Bangkok.

Apr 2004

TEFL International opens ESL and TESOL centre in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Jul 2004

Rennes course moves to Paris, France.

Oct 2004

TEFL International develops strategic partnership with the Oregon Institute of International Education.

Nov 2004

TEFL International opens TESOL Centre in Thames, New Zealand.

TEFL Opens office in India to story of TEFL International www.teflintlindia.com

Jan 2005

TEFL International opens TESOL Centre in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Mar 2005

PELT courses begin running in Pattaya and Bangkok.

May 2005

France course moves to Bordeaux/Mauzac.

TEFL International opens marketing office in UK with plans to run PELT courses.

Jun 2005

TEFL International develops strategic partnership with Cultural Extremes.

TEFL International begins development of "TEFL International Starz 2006", an international English singing and presenting contest planned for Thailand, China, Korea, Vietnam and India.

Jul 2005

TEFL International announces opening of new Kolkata, India TESOL course.

"The Moffats", internationally famous Canadian singing group, offers to work for TEFL International on "Starz" project.

Oct 2005

TEFL International launches new UK website.

Nov 2005

PELT courses begin running Birmingham.

Dec 2005

PELT courses begin running London.

Jan 2006

PELT courses begin running Manchester.

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TEFL International, founded in 2000, has quickly become one of the world's most prominent and fastest growing providers of English Language Teacher Training programmes and Volunteer Placements

TEFL International is an ambitious and forward-thinking organisation with an ever-increasing choice of locations worldwide. We want to give you the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised English teaching qualification whilst basking in the paradise of your choice!

From Egypt to England, Spain, Vietnam or Costa Rica to New Zealand, Italy, France, Thailand, Korea or China, TEFL International is where you want to begin your English teaching experience.

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