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TEFL TESOL Course Dubai, UAE

New TESOL Course Location Opening in Dubai - 2009

Dubai is unique in the world. As you fly into Dubai International Airport and you fly over immense man-made islands that look like palm fronds, see the world’s tallest building dwarfing other skyscrapers, and the whole city ablaze with light. The UAE is tolerant and welcoming to foreigners who do not practice the religion of Islam. Expatriates are free to practice their own religion, alcohol is served in hotels and the dress code is liberal. Women don't face discrimination. Courtesy and hospitality are one of the many virtues of Dubai. Rulers are keen to maintain their culture and do so through a number of practices. One is promoting sporting events that are representative of their past. Falconry, camel racing and dhow sailing are still popular in Dubai. The official language of the country is Arabic, however most people in and out of the workplace communicate in English. There are so many different nationalities in Dubai, English finds common ground with most people. The majority of road and shop signs, restaurant menus etc. are in both English and Arabic.

There is no best season to visit Dubai as every building is climate controlled. You can ski in one of the largest indoor ski slopes at Emirates Mall during the sweltering August month or swim in the sea in December. Weather is not an issue in Dubai. The most tolerable months are October to April with temperatures ranging from 21 C to 31 C in the daytime, while nights are cooler. Summer temperatures are in the mid-40s, and soar higher the further inland you go. Even the ocean temperature can reach 37 C.

About the school

Our school is in Knowledge Village, which is conveniently located close to major access points and world-renowned land marks such as Burj Al Arab and The Palm, extending majestically into the sea. In addition to large green areas, there are many facilities including hotels, food courts, fitness centers, and many shady areas. We offer spacious classrooms in well maintained, modern, fully equipped spaces that allow for a maximum learning experience. The classrooms and the buildings are air-conditioned year round. Our staff of qualified, experienced teachers will be at your side during your training process. Friendly, professional administrative assistants are waiting to support you for a comfortable stay


  • One of the most dynamic economies in the World
  • Beaches and other tourism opportunities
  • Close proximity to other Gulf States
  • Convenient hub that connects to all points of world by air


  • An internationally recognised qualification meeting or exceeding industry standards
  • Course administered by highly trained staff with extensive local knowledge
  • Organized classes and a curriculum that has been proven successful and effective
  • Low student to teacher ratio


  • This course is ideal for people wanting to pursue a career teaching in the Middle-East
  • Your fellow students come from different countries and various continents
  • Your teacher trainers are some of the most experienced and well-trained in the industry
  • Your support staff will assist you with whatever you need
  • The locals are friendly, helpful and charming people who like spending time with foreigners

Country Costs

Coming soon

Visa Requirements

Britains/Americans/Canadians/Australians: required to hold a valid passport for the period of intended stay and a return ticket or proof of onward travel. No visa is required for a stay of up to 30 days (extendable on request up to 90 days)





For information about TEFL International's new course locations contact: admin@teflinternational.org.uk


Dubai Course Schedule


° 06 April - 01 May
° 04 May - 29 May
° 01 June - 26 June
° 29 June - 24 July
° 03 August - 28 August
° 07 September - 02 October
° 12 October - 06 November
° 09 November - 04 December


° 04 January - 29 January
° 01 February - 26 February
° 01 March - 26 March
° 02 April - 30 April
° 03 May - 28 May
° 04 June - 02 July
° 05 July - 30 July
° 02 August - 27 August
° 03 September - 01 October
° 04 October - 29 October
° 01 November - 26 November



How to get there: There are a number of ways to get to and from Dubai: air, land and sea Airport Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the busiest airport in the Middle East. The national carrier is Emirates, which flies to more than 80 destinations in the Middle East, Europe, Australia, Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Dubai International Airport has no separate airport departure tax; it's included in the price of your ticket. Bus Buses run from Dubai to other parts of the UAE and surrounding countries. One useful bus route runs to Hatta from the Deira bus station. To get to most other cities in the Emirates, take a Dubai Transport bus or minibus. There are two buses a day to Muscat, Oman. Balawi Bus Service runs to Jordan twice weekly and to Egypt on Wednesdays. Long-distance Taxi Long-distance taxis can take you to any other emirate on a shared or 'engaged' basis (which means you'll either have to wait until all five seats are filled or pay for them yourself).


Course Fee : US$ 500 Nonrefundable

Deposit US$ 1,790 Final Payment





International/Eton Institute
Knowledge Village
Block 4 F13,
PO Box 502449
Dubai, UAE


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