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Teach English Abroad TEFL Training Courses Worldwide! Learn to teach English.

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) or as a Foreign Language (TEFL) can offer rewards like no other. It's about meeting people, discovering new cultures and sharing the language you speak as your mother-tongue.

But there is much more to teaching English than just being able to speak the language, which is why it's essential to be well prepared before you embark on your English teaching career. Well qualified andexperienced TEFL International trainers around the world are waiting to help you learn the art of teaching English.

Completing a Teacher Training course before looking for your first job will help you discover if teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is really for you. It will also allow you to start your teaching career with the confidence that you are giving your students the best you can.

TEFL International is a leading provider of English Language Teacher Training programmes. With 30 teacher training centres world wide and the World's first Virtual TESOL Certificate Course, there is sure to be a course that will meet your needs. You will also have the possibility of further developing your skills in teaching English to Young Learners or teaching English for Business once your course is finished by choosing an optional online specialist module.

Additionally, you have the security of knowing that our Alumni Support team is on hand to provide our graduates with worldwide lifetime job placement assistance. There are also guaranteed job programmes for those who wish to teach in Asia (terms and conditions may apply) and internship/volunteer programmes for those people who would like to take some time to discover and live in a different culture without making a full commitment to a twelve month employment contract.

So, if you are a gap year student, wanting a change of life or moving abroad, TEFL International will give you the passport to a world of experience!


What is happening in the World Wide Classroom?

BA TESOL - A NEW THREE YEAR PROGRAMME DEVELOPED BY TEFL INTERNATIONAL. You can learn and earn and get a degree whilst teaching in Thailand! A very affordable course that allows you the opportunity of living and working in Thailand. For more information click here.

Free TESOL  Course at TEFL International and a job in China: Urgently required for a chain of prestigious language schools - 200 teachers to start in July and September! Take your TESOL Certificate course in Ban Phe, Thailand and then go to China all expenses paid to start your new job. Excellent salary, airfare, medical insurance, end of term bonus - click here.

Guaranteed Jobs in Asia if you successfully complete your TESOL course! China, Vietnam, Korea and Thailand - click here.

NEW Centres: TESOL Certificate in Paris (France), Athens (Greece), Granada (Nicaragua). Register now for TESOL training in Paris, France; or Athens, Greece; or Granada, Nicaragua!

Arabic Immersion Programme in Alexandria, Egypt. Complete you TEFL International Accredited TESOL Course and build your CV with an internship in one of Alexandria's busy language centres. Yes, get valuable teaching experience and study Arabic language and culture. Perfect priming for those wanting to work in the Middle East. 8 week programme (4 week TEFL + 4 week internship) for $1990/ 1300 (includes tuition, moderation, excursions, accommodation but not food or flights). For cheap flights to Egypt LINKS. Find out more about Cultural Extremes Egypt Programme.

  • Online TEFL - NEW-  online TEFL International course and observed teaching practice. This is the solution for busy people. Study online with a qualified tutor and then join one of our centres world wide to complete your observed teaching practice. Click here

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    LEARN SPANISH AND TEACH ENGLISH. Special Offer - TEFL INTERNATIONAL SEVILLE - are offering free Spanish lessons and discounts on courses. All our TEFL centres in Spanish speaking countries are happy to organise Spanish language lessons for you!

    UK & USA: Save money if you book soon! Discounts available on London and New York programmes in January. February and March.

    TEFL INTERNATIONAL INDIA offers eligible graduates the opportunity of doing voluntary work or an internship after completion of the TESOL Certificate course. Find out more

    TEFL INTERNATIONAL GREECE - is offering guaranteed jobs in Greece and the Greek Islands to eligible graduates. Anglo-Hellenic Teacher Recruitment Programme. Courses now available in Athens, Korinthos and Santorini.

    TEFL INTERNATIONAL THAILAND - learn and earn in Thailand with our special project. Read more TEACH IN A THAI SCHOOL PROGRAMME paid teaching.

    TEFL INTERNATIONAL - our certificates are valid for work throughout the EU.

    - TEFL International Teacher Training Centres -

    TEFL INTERNATIONAL Offer accredited TEFL/TESOL Training which can be combined with language tuition. This option is available in Seville,  Barcelona, Granada, Buenos Aires and Costa Rica if want to master Spanish conversation quickly.

    TEFL INTERNATIONAL KOREA - Working in Seoul? TI has launched new part-time courses if you need to get qualified! Can be combined with online or virtual learning. Click here!

    FREE e-BOOK - GET A TEFL LIFE! A TEFL Taster. Just apply online or request by e-mail.

    THERE ARE MANY OPPORTUNITIES to build your CV quickly and gain that vital confidence and experience as an ELT Professional. Wherever you want to work in the world, TEFL International can help with guaranteed jobs, internships and meaningful volunteering opportunities. Or if you wish to add a useful income stream, working as a freelance English coach through social networking software, there is a great possibility that you could become a successful online tutor. Online tutorimg is one of the quickest growing market segments in the ELT industry.  TEFL Support in the UK has teamed up with English Out There to offer visitors to this site the opportunity of starting their own lucrative language business out of the box. YES IT'S JUST LIKE PLUG AND PLAY SHOULD BE! Read more......

    A substantial number of TEFL graduates seek to work from home. Welcoming overseas learners into your home can provide a very useful income stream for more mature people who may have retired from a profession and have a house suitable for hosting. English in a Teacher's Home Programmes are always seeking reliable host teachers with accredited qualifications.


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    TESOL Course Provider

    TEFL International is one of the world's most prominent TESOL / TEFL course providers.

    TEFL Course Provider


    With an ever-increasing variety of locations across the globe, TEFL International offers you the opportunity to earn an internationally recognized TESOL / TEFL certificate in the paradise of your choice.


    Argentina ( Buenos Aires)

    Australia ( Sydney)

    Brazil ( Natal)

    Costa Rica ( Manuel Antonio)

    China ( Beijing, Shanghai, Zhuhai)

    Czech Republic ( Prague)

    Egypt ( Alexandria)

    France ( Paris)( Brittany)

    Greece ( Korinthos)(Athens )

    Indonesia ( Surabaya)

    Italy ( Florence, Rome)

    Hong Kong ( Sham Shui Po Hong Kong)

    Japan ( Tokyo),

    Mexico ( Chiapa de Corzo)

    Nepal ( Kathmandu)

    Phillipines ( Cebu)

    South Korea ( Seoul)

    Spain ( Barcelona, Granada, Malaga, Seville )

    Thailand (BanPhe, Phuket, ChiangMai)

    United Kingdom ( London)

    USA ( New York), (Woodburn - New centre)

    Vietnam ( Ho Chi Minh)

    TEFL International is where you want to begin your English teaching experience.

    TEFL International Courses Worldwide are validated by Fort Hays State University.

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